If you want to to produce a concise strategy statement and develop your mid and long term strategy along with the tactical business plan to achieve, ed Trubelo can support you in the process by reviewing your current strategy and business plan, interviewing stakeholders and key personnel to gage comprehension and identify gaps, sale facilitating workshops to fill the gaps and create the vision for the future, synthesizing the collected information into agreed upon deliverables, and communicating the deliverables to the entire organization. Some of the potential deliverables are as follows:

  • Long-term strategy aspiration
  • Medium-term strategy statement
  • Strategy map broken down as follows:
    • Goals/Themes: Projects to help achieve the strategy
    • Financial: Financial benefits resulting from the themes/goals
    • Customer/Client: Benefits customer will receive from the themes/goals
    • Process/Technology: Process or technology needed to implement the themes/goals
    • Staff: Training required to develop staff to support the themes/goals
  • Financial analysis: 1-5 year projections by month, order theme/goal
  • Theme/goal detail: Objectives, metrics, and tasks required to achieve
  • Gantt chart timeline for all themes/goals
  • Business plan: structured outline to medium-term strategy statement

Having Trubelo guide your strategy development allows your management and operational teams to focus on providing the required strategic and tactical input in an efficient, collaborative approach with minimal interruption to daily responsibilities. The strategy will transition from an annual confirmation of the same ideas and opportunities to a dynamic, integrated process that aligns the organization and provides the tools to plan, navigate, and track progress throughout the year. For more detail on pricing and to hear what other clients have said, check out our business plan landing page.