New year, check fresh objectives, time to execute. But where to begin? The volume, importance, and urgency of the work to be completed can be overwhelming and often paralyzing. A fast start is important but even more critical is to ensure everyone is doing the right things and pulling in the same direction. This means everyone understands the organization’s vision and strategy and what their personal objectives and goals are to realize that vision and strategy.

To launch into 2015, buy viagra sustain momentum throughout the year, and exceed expectations, follow a three-step plan of crystallization, elevation, and acceleration. Following is an explanation of each step with suggested actions and deliverables to achieve results:

1) Crystallize Value – Deconstruct existing brand and products portfolio into core components to sharpen value and streamline offering based on customer and market needs and your long term strategy ambition.

  • Brand Audit: Review of current brand status, including company objectives, target customers, brand elements, SWOT analysis, and competitor profiles with recommendations for changes and growth.
  • Product & Service Summary: Comprehensive analysis of portfolio, including high level product definitions (elevator pitch), service descriptions, assets required to deliver, customer value, internal and external metrics required to gauge success, competing products profile and suggestions to progress maturity.
  • Service Delivery Flow: Swim lane process flow for each service detailing the inputs, outputs, responsible parties, and actions required to create and monitor and control the expected value.

2) Elevate Awareness – Develop, execute, and monitor multi-channel messaging to establish expertise, engage target customers and grow awareness of your brands and products and the value they provide.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Enhance highly contested, high search volume, exact match and longtail keywords.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign: Target your keywords, competition and opportunities found in the search engines to optimize your PPC ROI.
  • Email Marketing: Write, copy, design attractive templates, and optimize layouts for increased click-through rates for email campaigns.
  • Social Media Management: Manage social media campaigns to create a hub of activity around your business and expand your presence on all relevant social media.
  • Blog/Magazine Articles: Develop and write feature articles of challenges affecting the industry and how your company addresses those issues.

3) Accelerate Growth & Maturity – Deliver increased revenue and expanded market share by converting elevated brand and product awareness to customers and sustaining through the creation of long term value.

  • Sales Strategy: Categorization of target customers into three tiers with methods to approach, secure, and retain including account responsible and expected conversion and retention rates.
  • Sales Dashboard: Analytics dashboard that presents 4-6 key sales metrics pulling data from the sales pipeline to track progress.
  • Risk Management Plan: Analysis assessing potential disruptions to expected performance with suggested triggers, mitigations, and contingency plans.

No one said 2015 is going to be easy. Uncertainty, new competition, and changing customer demands await. You have a solid plan in place and are energized to achieve it. Just make sure the value is clear, the channels to reach target customers are established, and the focus is on the creation of long-term value. Following the three steps of crystallization, elevation, and acceleration will help you do this.

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