Global Delivery Report recently published an article by Richa Jain titled “Getting The Mission Statement Right Is Key To A Successful Project” which referenced Trubelo and quoted founder Doug Cooper. Doug talked about the importance of defining an effective mission statement. He said, physician  “Projects are a temporary assemblage of people brought together to achieve a set of objectives. With that, each person brings his or her unique skills, experience, sildenafil and perspective to the project in what and how things should be done to realize the desired results. To ensure the project team works most effectively and efficiently, nurse the mission statement must, one, be a beacon that is easy to understand, provides direction, and elevates the team’s aspiration, and two, establish the authority of the project manager to help navigate the uncertainty as the team comes together and builds the required trust and working relationships to achieve the objectives.”

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Richa Jain has over 13yrs of experience working with top semiconductor companies like Nvidia, Broadcom and Texas Instruments, where she worked on cutting edge technology spanning Android smartphones and Tablets, set-top boxes, digital cameras and other cutting edge electronics.