2. Project Management

Our project management service provides a disciplined methodology to monitor, manage, and drive to completion all tasks and activities by responsible parties to achieve reduced costs, greater on-time delivery, and increased efficiency.

To ensure consistent delivery of these benefits, Trubelo uses a five-step process for project management.

  1. Beliefs – Clarify challenges, online objectives, vision, and expected project management output.
  2. Mapping – Formulate the project management timeline, budget, risk assessment, project team and communication plan to achieve the required tasks and activities.
  3. Action – Execute the required tasks and activities and track and communicate progress as defined in the project management map.
  4. Perseverance – Prior to completion, monitor and manage output against original beliefs and adjust as required to achieve desired project management results.
  5. Reflection – Verify tasks and activities completed, challenges resolved, and objectives and vision achieved and capture lessons learned for future project management improvement.

For all project management, Trubelo provides real-time web-based visibility to your project timeline, accurate time-reporting by day, activity, and project, precise budget tracking, effective communication plan, and forward-thinking risk assessment and mitigation. Some project management examples Trubelo has experience in managing include supply chain optimization, process reengineering, and supplier procurement and contracting.