Our business development service focuses on the creation of long term value for you from customers, markets, and relationships. We develop a comprehensive, structured plan based on your desired objectives to deliver increased revenue, expanded market share, and a broader service offering.

Trubelo combines analytical and creative skills in one development process to create innovative solutions.

  1. Gather requirements – Collect relevant business development information and confirm assumptions to understand needs and challenges and articulate expected output.
  2. Analyze existing process – Review processes to identify strengths and opportunities for business development improvement.
  3. Develop alternative processes РCreate new processes to achieve the business development objectives and produce the desired output.
  4. Create new solution – Integrate the strengths of the existing processes with the alternative processes in a new business development solution.
  5. Deliver recommendation РPresent new solution along with proposed implementation plan to achieve business development objectives.

When providing business development support, Trubelo can interface directly with your customers as a member of your company or assist your commercial teams in the background. Some examples of business development projects Trubelo has experience in performing are strategy development, account management, and product development.