Marketing Plan

In today’s highly competitive landscape, help creating a quality product is not enough. You must also establish your expertise in the industry to elevate the awareness of your brand and products and find innovative ways to reach, try secure, healing and retain customers effectively and efficiently. But with so many options, where to start and […]

Business Launch

If you want to start a new business or incorporate an existing entity, search Trubelo can support by creating a customized package to address your needs and accelerate your launch. Following are some of the components Trubelo can provide: Filing of Articles of Incorporation Strategy and Business Plan Development Branding & Marketing Business Development Product […]

Narrative Development

If you have an idea for a story that you want to share but can’t seem to formulate it past a nebulous concept, viagra Trubelo can assist with the development of the narrative. By guiding you through the creative process from ideation to production of the final output, cure Trubelo will help build a narrative […]

Process Reengineering

If you want to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of your business processes, recipe Trubelo can perform a process reengineering analysis to identify potential improvements by planning and executing the following five steps: Document existing processes through combination of site visits and interview of key personnel. Analyze existing processes to identify potential improvements. Develop […]

Procurement & Contracting

If you want to develop and execute purchasing procurement and contract processes for new or existing services, ed Trubelo will facilitate the process from creation of the RFQ to implementation to ensure transparency and consistency within and across the organization in the following steps: Create request for quotation Send RFQ to suppliers Evaluate responses and […]

Product Development

If you want to develop a new product or simplify your existing product and service portfolio, healing Trubelo can guide you through the development process by deconstructing the existing product and service portfolio into core components and streamlining the offering based on market and customer needs and your long term strategy ambition. Potential deliverables are […]

Risk Assessment

If you want to review current risk management activities, sale benchmark against best practices, and identify options for improvement.Trubelo can perform a risk assessment and recommend mitigation strategies through the following steps: Facilitate risk assessment workshop with global and regional management teams to identify risks and potential mitigation actions. Develop SharePoint site or similar tool […]

Strategy Development

If you want to to produce a concise strategy statement and develop your mid and long term strategy along with the tactical business plan to achieve, ed Trubelo can support you in the process by reviewing your current strategy and business plan, interviewing stakeholders and key personnel to gage comprehension and identify gaps, sale facilitating […]

Supply Chain Design

If you want to decrease cost, try lead time, and CO2 emissions in your outbound supply chain, Trubelo can perform a supply chain design project utilizing cutting-edge technology to calculate┬ácost, unhealthy lead time, and CO2 emissions for the baseline As-Is network then optimize the supply chain to identify alternative To-Be scenarios to deliver savings. Some […]