Trubelo Quoted In Gantt Chart Article

Software Advice referenced Trubelo as a project management resource and quoted founder Doug Cooper in their article on the top five benefits of Gantt chart software. Doug said, “It is not just a chart that looks good. [Managers] can sort items or drill down into the data and interact with the data a lot more.”  In addition to explaining what […]

The Every Rules

Constantly thinking about what we did yesterday or what we will do tomorrow distracts us from what we are doing right now. But actually, seek the choice given at the moment is the only one we should consider. To avoid mental time-travelling and take ownership of the present moment, consider “The Every Rules”. 1. Every […]

Trubelo Now Has Scrum Certification

Trubelo is now certified as a Professional Scrum Master (PSMI) by The Professional Scrum Master level I (PSM I) validates a depth of knowledge of the Scrum framework and its application. Unlike other Scrum certifications that require only class attendance, sildenafil certification requires a minimum score on an online assessment. Attending a course is neither required […]

What’s Your Story?

Storytelling is muy caliente these days. Perhaps it’s because there are so many vehicles available to convey our stories or maybe it’s because with so much noise out there, viagra the value of a good story to cut through the cacophony has never been more important. But regardless of the time or the medium, cialis […]

Entrepre-No-No’s: Avoidable Mistakes by Entrepreneurs

Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of a dark forest. Thick vegetation surrounds. You look up. Moonlight straggles down through the branches and leaves concealing the sky. Your heart accelerates. Sweat pushes through your forehead and and streams down your temples. What should you do? You know you have to get out. But which […]

Create An Effective Business Plan – Vegas

Stratpad & Trubelo Partnership

Your Business Plan – Connect Creativity To Cash. Join Alex Glassey, and CEO of StratPad, the highest-rated business planning software, and Doug Cooper, award-winning author and founder of Trubelo Development, to learn how to craft your vision into a unique story and effective business plan on April 13, 2015 at 10:00 AM at Work In […]

Business Planning: Transform Great Ideas

Trubelo founder Doug Cooper was a guest on Lewis Fein’s Profiles In Business Success on BlogTalkRadio to discuss how Trubelo helps businesses and individuals transform great ideas into great businesses through robust and comprehensive business planning. Listen to the podcast to understand why it is important to have a business plan in place before starting a company, rx common business planning mistakes of start-ups, or […]

2-Hour Free Business Plan Tune-Up

Feel like 2015 is already flying by? Want to make sure you are working as efficiently and effectively as possible to achieve your goals? For a limited time, click Trubelo is offering two free hours of consulting for a business plan tune-up. Whether it is assisting with the formulation of a new plan for a start-up or […]

Get The Mission Statement Right

Global Delivery Report recently published an article by Richa Jain titled “Getting The Mission Statement Right Is Key To A Successful Project” which referenced Trubelo and quoted founder Doug Cooper. Doug talked about the importance of defining an effective mission statement. He said, physician  “Projects are a temporary assemblage of people brought together to achieve a set […]

Launch Into 2015!

New year, check fresh objectives, time to execute. But where to begin? The volume, importance, and urgency of the work to be completed can be overwhelming and often paralyzing. A fast start is important but even more critical is to ensure everyone is doing the right things and pulling in the same direction. This means […]

Trubelo Quoted In Breaking Energy Article

In his recent article titled “Infused with Energy, order But Empty on Creative Fuel: The Necessity of Creative Development”, Lewis Fein mentioned Trubelo regarding the importance of collaborating with the right creative expert to shape the distinct narrative companies need to be successful in the highly competitive marketplace. He later quotes Trubelo founder, Doug Cooper, ““Creative […]

Trubelo Quoted in Corporate Wellness Magazine

In his article “Energizing or Exhausting: Corporate Wellness and Project Management” on the critical role of project management to be a well-defined and well-executed strategy, mind Michael Shaw mentioned Trubelo and quoted founder, Doug Cooper: “Project Management involves a disciplined methodology to monitor, ampoule manage, and fulfill all tasks and activities by responsible parties, to achieve […]

Creativity Is The Difference

Trubelo founder Doug Cooper was a guest on Lewis Fein’s Profiles In Business Success on BlogTalkRadio to discuss customization and collaboration in the creative development process and how it is a key differentiator in business. They covered a broad range of topics ranging from what constitutes successful creative development to how to measure it and fully leverage the strengths. For a […]

The Value of Business Development

Trubelo founder Doug Cooper was a guest on Lewis Fein’s Profiles In Business Success on BlogTalkRadio to discuss how Trubelo on the urgency of creating the right business development plan. They covered a broad range of topics ranging from how to maximize the value of business development to common mistakes and challenges and how to streamline the business development process. […]

Trubelo-Produced Outside In Wins Award, sick the premier online magazine featuring mainstream and independent publishing houses, announced Outside In the winner of the 2014 USA Best Book Award for Literary Fiction on November 12, 2014. Awards were presented for titles published in 2012-2014.The 2014 results represent a mix of books from a wide array of publishers throughout the United States. Winners and finalists […]

10% Off Strategy Development Packages

It’s not too late to get your business strategy and plan for 2015 completed. During the month of December get 10% off any strategy development package with Trubelo. Following are some of the benefits companies receive from developing a business strategy and plan: Focuses and motivates employees for the short, prescription mid, malady and long […]

Profiles In Business Success: Trubelo

Trubelo founder Doug Cooper was a guest on Lewis Fein’s Profiles In Business Success on BlogTalkRadio to discuss how Trubelo helps businesses & individuals convert ideas to results. They covered a broad range of topics from the meaning of Trubelo to what differentiates Trubelo from other consulting firms and Trubelo’s three-step plan for delivering long term […]

5 Ways To Better Supply Chain Design

With supply chain costs on the rise and the pressure increasing to get products to market cheaper, ed quicker, and with a reduced carbon footprint, performing supply chain design projects provide an innovative and cost effective way to identify and test alternative scenarios. Analyzing our supply chains at the strategic and tactical levels can provide […]

Trubelo Certified In Project Management

Doug Cooper, pilule founder of Trubelo Development, has been certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP)® by the Project Management Institute. PMI’s Project Management Professional credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP® demonstrates that a project manager has the experience, education and competency to lead and direct […]

What’s At The Center Of Your Organization?

Too often we picture organizational structures as hierarchies in which individuals must climb to the top and reign supreme over those beneath them. To gain more authority and responsibility in an organization means to “climb the ladder” or “get a leg up”, for sale emphasizing power over service and value. But instead of top-down hierarchies, […]

Trubelo Recognized As ESB In Nevada

Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development has recognized Trubelo as a Tier 1 Local Emerging Small Business in Business Consulting, sick Logistics Consulting, and Marketing Consulting. The Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) was created during the 2011 Session of the Nevada Legislature through a collaboration of the Nevada Governor’s Office and the Leadership […]

Five Steps To A New Logistics Strategy

By working differently you can generate benefits in your supply chain. Asking the right questions is the key. One supply chain goal is consistent in any type of economy: reduce costs. Faced with this objective, ask the first question is always, “Who can do the work cheaper?” While procurement initiatives can improve profitability, requesting new […]

Trubelo Produces Outside In Book Trailer

  Trubelo has produced and released an animated book trailer for the novel Outside In by Doug Cooper for which Trubelo also developed and owns the rights to. Created by Bread n’ Beyond, pilule the video provides a summary of the story, purchase a sampling of endorsements, viagra and details on where Outside In can be purchased. Watch it […]

5 Steps to Successful Project Management

Effective and efficient project management requires a disciplined methodology to monitor, sale manage, levitra and drive to completion all tasks and activities by responsible parties to achieve reduced costs, greater on-time delivery, and increased efficiency. Following are five steps recommended to ensure consistent delivery of these benefits: Beliefs: A major obstacle to achievement is uncertainty. What […]

Don’t Be That Boss: 7 Mistakes of Bad Bosses

Relying on others to achieve your goals is never easy. Of course no one can do the work as well as you could do it yourself. Everyone knows that. But as much as you fantasize about a job in which you depend only on yourself, advice invariably your success depends on others’ performance. If your […]

Trubelo Attends Llamasoft SummerCon 2013

Trubelo attended the annual summer conference held by Llamasoft, buy cialis the global leader in supply chain design software solutions, in Ann Arbor, MI June 19-21. Participants, including Supply Chain Guru users, and industry experts, gathered for collaborative workshops and presentations on best practices in design, mind analysis, optimization and simulation of global supply chain operations. […]

Trubelo Now Has Tableau Capabilities

Want people to see and better understand your data? Trubelo now has the capabilities to use Tableau to help tell your story with rich visuals and compelling analytics. Contact Trubelo to find out how you can transform the way people interpret and use your data and make analyzing fast and easy, prostate beautiful and useful.

Cover for Outside In Set for Printing

The cover art and copy for Trubelo-developed Outside In is set. Advanced reader copies to be printed and sent in March. Publish date scheduled for August 13. Following is an overview of the debut literary fiction novel for Trubelo founder Doug Cooper: From Memorial Day until the student workers and tourists leave in the fall, […]

Trubelo Shares Expertise at MIT

MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics asked Trubelo to present on the topic of “Talent Management That Supports Global Growth” at their annual supply chain conference in June 2012. Trubelo prepared and delivered presentation on why companies use expats, ask the challenges both sides face, potential mitigation strategies, cheap and how to manage the strategy […]

Trubelo-Developed Novel Set for Release

Doug Cooper, ask founder of Trubelo, is set to release his first novel. By using a five-step process created by Trubelo, sildenafil the company helped develop the story concept and structure, synopsis, and final manuscript. The publisher, Greenleaf Book Group,will release the novel on August 13.

Magazine Article Co-Authored by Trubelo

MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics asked Trubelo to coauthor article for their series on talent management in Supply Chain Management Review magazine. Trubelo founder Doug Cooper coauthored article with Jim Rice, medical Deputy Director for Center of Transportation and Logistics at MIT, sovaldi titled “Managing the Expat Talent Option”. Download a copy of the article.