Quickly create an effective business plan (including an updatable financial model and metrics to track your progress).

Successful business owners do three things very well

  • They think clearly and critically about their business
  • They communicate their thoughts with a written business plan
  • They understand and manage their cash flow

Components Of A Successful Business Plan

Mobile and Desktop


Who You Are — Combine your history, long and medium term strategy statements,value proposition, industry outlook, and competitor information into one compelling story.


What You Will Do — Map out all the projects required to achieve your goals with the necessary objectives, tasks, and financial quantification into a robust, adjustable model.


How You Measure Success — Track your projected success against actual outcomes by using sound metrics tied to your projects and goals in an updatable, monthly dashboard.

Lead Consultant

Doug Cooper

Author and Founder, Trubelo

Pricing Details

Features $999 $1,899 $3,499
1-Year Subscription to StratPad Business Planning Software1 X X X
2-Hour Consult To Discuss And Understand Your Business2 X X X
Simple Templates For You To Record Required Information X X X
4-Hour Consult To Capture and Record Required Information2   X  
Full Day Workshop To Capture and Record Required Information2     X
Long and Medium-Term Strategy Statements and Value Proposition X X X
1-5 Year Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet Projections X X X
Objectives, Metrics, and Tasks Required to Achieve Projects/Goals X X X
Gantt Chart Timeline for All Projects/Goals X X X
Summary and Detailed Plan Versions in PDF and MS Word Formats X X X
2-Hour Consult to Review and Update Plan2 X    
4-Hour Consult to Review and Update Plan2   X  
Full Day Workshop to Review and Update Plan3     X
Semi-Annual Consults to Review and Update Progress for 1st Year   X  
1 Change Request to Adjust and Update Plan for 1st Year   X  
3 Change Requests to Adjust and Update Plan for 1st Year     X
Dashboard with 4 Metrics Updated and Sent Monthly for 1st Year     X
Quarterly Consults to Review and Discuss Progress for 1st Year     X
1 Visit To Initiate Free Trial. 2 All Consults Can Be Broken Up Into Separate Meetings and To Be Conducted Via Phone/Web. 3 Additional Travel Expenses May Apply For On-Site Workshops Outside The Las Vegas Area